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AAAW: Week Two - Skye Boat Song

I've been working on this song with my vocal coach, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to write an arrangment for it in a key that is comfortable for me! F major is easy enough to tune your harp to if you're tuned in EbMaj (just keep those B-flats and have only your A and E levers lifted). And it's a comfortable key for those with higher natural singing voices. I used the vocal harmonies from Bear McCreary's opening theme to Outlander (which happens to be my favorite show) and incorporated them into the harp part. I love the way they echo the B part of the song. The left hand has a repetitive rhythm that keeps the song moving, and is great to practice those broken chord shapes.

This week marks the beginning of the Robin Hood Medieval Faire in Harwinton CT, and it doesn't look like I'm going to have time to record a video this week, but I promise to add one later! I may even perform this song at the Faire at some point... Meantime, as always, the sheet music will be available (click on the button below) for free for a week, and then for a small fee after that. :)

Photo by Bridgid Johnston from Pexels


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