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Harp Column Practice Challenge: Day 11 and DHC's Vision to Action Challenge: Day 2

Today in the Vision to Action Challenge, we were given another motif to work with, and then were taken on a guided meditation. We were supposed to see if we could find our "vision elements" - some bits of creative vision we want to manifest into reality. My vision elements (in case you can't read my handwriting): 1) playing without fear, 2) true connection with my instrument, 3) getting out of my head. We were also supposed to write down our "demons" that popped up during the meditation, the things our inner critic tells us while we're playing in an effort to sabotage us. Mine were: 1) bad transitions, 2) sloppy scales, 3) trim your nails, Erika! Lastly, our biggest takeaway. It's amazing to me how a repeated motif can be a safe place to return to and can even act as a character (representation of yourself, perhaps?) you can shift away from and back to. Returning to it in a changed way can express transformation so elegantly and authentically. Also, I discovered that using speed and intensity in a repeated motif can sometimes be a more effective way to transform it than changing rhythm or adding extra notes or ornaments.

For the HCPC Olympic Event, we were given a 10 minute pre-practice stretch workout. I really liked it and intend to incorporate some of these stretches into my daily practice routine. It's so easy to slump at the harp and over time it can really take its toll on your body. The stretches can be found here.

Still breaking down and working the cadenza and finale in small bites so I can get them smooth. Nothing really new to report on that - it's going to be more of the same for the rest of the week, at least. These are tough, tough parts. But I'm determined to get them down!

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