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Harp Column Practice Challenge: Day 2

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Day two of the harp column practice challenge! My son is at his dad's for the weekend, so I was able to get a lot of practice in today. I did the "Olympian challenge," for the day, which was a word search puzzle! Fun, and actually not as easy as you'd think! A fun thing to do while having my morning coffee.

Today I worked on increasing the tempo of the baroque theme, and got it up to 126 bpm. I also practiced the Flamenco Variation 1, which is super fun to play! I watched a video of DHC explaining how she does that two handed cut-off gliss. My timing needs work, but I'm having fun getting it into my hands. Video sample of me practicing both segments below.

Speaking of DHC, the Somerset Folk Harp Festival announced it will be hybrid this year - in person AND online. Very exciting, though it won't be totally confirmed until the end of February. Still if they have to go to online only, they give you the option to cancel so I went ahead and registered. DHC will be teaching some amazing workshops. I really hope I get to learn from her in person! As much as I love her online offerings, there's nothing quite like being in the same room with her. I haven't been to Somerset in many years, so I'm keeping all my digits crossed that covid doesn't mess it up. Being immersed for four days in harps and workshops... it's truly a paradise! There are some harps that I really want to try too...

But I digress. Tomorrow I'll work a little more on tempo on the baroque theme and try to get it smooth and comfortable at around 135 bpm or so. I'll also work on the strumming segment and the additional intro DHC offers in her Harp Column Academy video.


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