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Harp Column Practice Challenge: Day 5

Today's Olympian Challenge was to "learn something new". My intention was to watch a documentary on Flamenco, but I just didn't have the time today. So that's going to have to be put on hold for another day, but I still intend to do it this month!

Today I focused on the arpeggiated chord shape in Flamenco Variation 3 that starts on G. I was finding it troublesome and awkward and uneven and sloppy, and I'd slow down sooner than I wanted to because I couldn't make the shape in time, not because of artistic dynamics. So I took out my trusty metronome again and worked this sucker gradually from slow to faster than I'll need to play it. I spent my entire 20 minutes of practice today on this arpeggio alone and I think I have it a little more under control now. Hopefully it will remain in my fingers! Here's a montage of my practice session:

I played the piece from the top up to the cadenza a couple of times too, just to keep it all in my fingers. Tomorrow I will backtrack to the beginning intro, which still isn't as smooth as I'd like it and do some more slow to fast arpeggio work.


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