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Harp Column Practice Challenge: Day 6

Today was relatively uneventful. The olympic event was to organize your practice space, which in my case is a small corner of my bedroom. I did this as best as I could, but now I want to improve on it and I'm finding myself scouring Pinterest for ideas, and browsing the Container Store...

Since there really wasn't much to do there, I also decided to organize my gig bag. This is the bag I keep all my harp and performance related necessities in (for the most part) so I can grab it and go when I have a gig. It's contents are: 1. harp themed bag (this was a gift, so I'm not sure where it was purchased, but it seems to be from an old festival), 2. nail kit, because I always forget to trim my nails before I leave the house, or I inevitably have a jagged nail right before I need to be onstage...; 3. battery operated handwarmers; 4. tuning wrenches for both size harps I own; 5. scrunchee and reading glasses; 6. harp cleaner, brush and cloth; 7. pencil and lever regulation tools; 8. business cards; 9. lever gems and rings - the rings I use quite often with pieces with a lot of lever changes, so my eye goes right to the lever(s) I need to change. It's my favorite "cheat"!; 10. fingerless mitts; 11. extra string sets for all my harps.

In terms of practice, I worked more on the arpeggios in the intro and in flamenco variation 3, but I'll spare you another boring video of me practicing arpeggios. I also did a few "run throughs" of the piece up to the cadenza. Tomorrow I'm going to start working on the cadenza. I think I'll focus on just getting the chords tomorrow without the percussion, then I'll add the percussion over the weekend.

I signed up to take DHC's 5-day improvisation challenge as well next week, which starts with a workshop on Sunday. And if that wasn't ambitious enough, I'm also registered for the Winter Harp Festival next weekend, an intensive workshop weekend with Aillie Robertson, Kim Robertson, Park Stickney and Marianne Gubri. January is turning out to be a very busy month for me and my harp!


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