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Erika Lieberman

"'Why, then I'll teach you to play and sing, For I dearly love a good harp,' said she.”  

Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn

Erika has worked as a musician and composer for over twenty years. Her experience as a solo harpist, a member of various ensembles and folk bands, and her graduate studies in Film Scoring and Music Technology at New York University give her a diverse and rich musical background. Erika has worked as a music director for various theatre companies and festivals in NY and NJ, and is a seasoned renaissance faire and folk festival performer. She also performs at weddings and private events.


Erika can play in a variety of musical styles, but specializes in Celtic folk music, Renaissance/early music, and film and video game scores. Erika's original compositions pull from all those styles, along with her own unique touch that has been described as "otherworldly. Erika strives to portray the human experience through music in a way that is authentic, raw, and emotive. She infuses her music with her love of storytelling, and has an extensive costume wardrobe for an array of periods and styles, including medieval, renaissance, fantasy, faerie, sci-fi, Victorian and more. Some past and present clients include: The New York Renaissance Faire, The CT Renaissance Faire, The Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire (CT) The Stockwood Renaissance Faire (NY), the Robin Hood's Faire (CT), the Actor's Shakespeare Company (CT), A Night at Niblo's Garden (NY) by Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, and Dickens Christmas events at various shopping centers and corporate parties. 

Erika's harps are: 

"Lorelei" - A Blevins Encore 34 in cherry wood. Lorelei has a bright tone, 34 strings, is fully levered and is Erika's primary harp for weddings and outdoor festivals because of its surprisingly good volume even without amplification.

"Britney" - A Stoney End "Brittany" lap harp in walnut wood. Britney has a warm tone, is surprisingly loud for such a small harp (likely attributed to her large soundbox), has 22 strings and levers on the F's and C's. She was purchased about 20 years ago for Erika to travel with (she fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane!) and has been to Ireland and all over the U.S. 

"Violet" - An electro-acoustic "fullsicle" by William Rees harps. Violet is made from maple wood and stained a beautiful rich purple, is fully levered, and has a built in pickup for quick and easy amplification. She's lightweight and has 26 strings, and Erika loves to use her both onstage and for "strolling" gigs. 

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